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Chris has worked on live events, short documentaries and commercials. While collaborating with a variety of brands, he starts to develop his own personal style by figuring out new ways to inject storytelling visually across his projects.


Aside from his academic life in both the University of Texas at Austin and Austin Community College, he ventured into creative advertising prior to majoring in filmmaking. He took the opportunity to actively learn film & photography by being involved in major festivals such as, South by Southwest (SXSW) and Austin City Limits, also participating in an intensive filmmaking class mentored by the award-winning filmmaker, Kat Candler.


At 22, he left his academic career to pursue his passion in the real world. Coming back to Indonesia was a huge step and a whirlwind of first times. He then joined a publishing company Femina Group in serving their Image Division, and has since worked on brands such as: Jakarta Fashion Week, Grazia Indonesia, Dewi Magazine, and Men's Health Indonesia.


He has become a versatile filmmaker and a creative, paving his way into what later will be his proudest work. 


As seen within his wide body of work,

Christian Sena remains committed to pursue visual storytelling, whether it be through live event highlights, short documentaries, music videos, or long format advertising -he’s definitely looking forward to develop more skills and welcome his next adventure!



Jakarta Fashion Week, Dewi, Wardah, Deloitte, Men's Health Indonesia, Pandara Sports, Maylaffayza, and Bloomé among others.

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